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內湖科技園區引人之處   作者/蔡政樺
內湖科技園區地處台北市地理中心,也位居台北科技走廊的核心,2008年,台北市政府優先將大內科計畫的大彎南段工業區及內湖五期重劃區公告變更為高科技用地,欲結合未來交通捷運的優勢,以期吸引更多投資人進駐。 繼續閱讀
Why Neihu?   by Ed Tsai
Located in the geographical center of Taipei City, Neihu Technology Park sits at the core of Taipei’s “Technology Corridor”.   In 2008, government authorities modified the land use category for both the Dawan South Section Industrial Zone and Neihu 5th Redevelopment Zone to high-tech industries, instead of the original storage, logistics, and manufacturing industries. full article
好山好水的內湖區位在台北市東陲,有台北後花園之稱。因三面環山,南面臨河的低窪地形而稱為內湖。該地的西南隅是重要的科技研發區,集資訊、通訊於一體,工商活動極為活躍。多數新聞媒體也將總部設於內湖,使它成為電視圈的重要聚集地。2005年獲得世界衛生組織(WHO)安全社區認證,是亞洲第8個安全社區,顯示出內湖的完善規劃及發展。 Located on the Eastern edge of Taipei, Neihu District with its natural landscape is known as the garden of Taipei. Set in a mountainous area with a river on its south, the area earned its name from its lowlands.   The Southwest area of Neihu is the Neihu Technology Park, prominent to Taipei’s technology developments.   As it gathered leading enterprises of information, technology and media industries, it is one of the most energetic districts in Taipei.   Neihu District was certificated as a “Safe Community” by WHO in 2005, and became the 8th community honored in Asia, indicating a well-designed urban planning in Neihu.
Taipei Neihu Technology Park
Taipei Neihu Technology Park (TNTP) enjoys superior geographic advantages and a phenomenal clustering effect.   With annual revenue that exceeds NT$ 3 trillion, and a 120,000 people workforce, TNTP boasts highly developed IT companies such as Foxconn, BenQ, and D-Link.   Taipei City Government envisions TNTP and its neighboring industrial zones to become the “Asia Pacific Knowledge Service and Regional Development Center” to further promote technology creativity, skills training, and business incubation.
Source: Hi-Tech Promotion Center
位於內湖科技園區,這間小餐酒館就隱匿在辦公大樓的一側。一、二樓有裝潢低調內斂的用餐區,三樓的開放式沙發酒吧區則是在夜幕低垂時開放入座,在企業總部林立、鋼骨建築環繞的頂樓空間小酌,彷彿漫步雲端般舒適、遠離紛擾。 了解更多
Nuage Tapas Bar
Sitting amongst the cluster of headquarter buildings within the Neihu Technology Park, Nuage Tapas Bar carries a discreet, tasteful interior suitable for casual luncheons and dinner gatherings.   Its third floor is an open terrace featuring bar seating and a lounging area, perfect for a relaxing evening with fusion tapas and liquor concoctions. more
將建築、藝術、美食匯集於一體的德朗法式餐廳(De Loin)是饕客們在內湖的饗宴天堂。東方現代美學設計、米其林三星餐廳任職主廚以及頂級工藝餐具,每個細節都是締造完美體驗的重要環節。 了解更多
De Loin
Dedicated entirely to creating the ultimate dining experience, De Loin presents its guests with a balanced mixture of architecture, art, and gastronomy. The restaurant is a destination for those who seek refined taste.   Its modern-oriental interior design, French cuisine chef from a Michelin three-star restaurant, and dinning wares of the highest quality bring out the perfection unique to De Loin. more
藝起來學學 -「善‧美‧義」兒童彩繪羊特展
學學文化創意基金會,今年以「感動羊」為原型與教育部共同帶領兒童探索色彩,推出「善‧美‧義」的兒童彩繪洋特展。 了解更多
2015/1/1 – 2015/3/22 | 10:00 – 19:30
Children’s Art Exhibition- Colorful Sheep
Xue Xue Foundation has organized a colorful sheep sculpture exhibition based on an educational art project with the Ministry of Education, leading students to explore the diversity of colors. more
January 1, 2015 – March 22, 2015
3F, No. 207, Tiding Avenue, Section 2, Neihu District, Taipei
線上雜誌閱讀 Full Article
坂茂,這位甫獲普立茲克桂冠加身的建築師認為建築師必須承擔更大的社會責任。 全文導讀
Nature in Architecture
Shigeru Ban, a Pritzker lauded architect, believes that architects must accept more social responsibility. Full Article
什麼是奢華?什麼是台灣才端的出來的獨特饗宴? 德朗餐廳的主廚陳宣達,有他自己的答案。
The De Loin Way
What is luxury? What are the feasts unique to Taiwan? Gordon Chen, De Loin’s head chef has found his answers. Full Article
  資料來源:INHERITAGE世代典傳雜誌 DECEMBER 2014
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