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大稻珵與西門町   作者/蔡政樺
「大稻埕和西門町」地理位置皆位於臺北市的西區,同時也是鄰近淡水河畔的商業聚落。在臺北市東、西區發展的平衡上,除了臺北車站商圈區域各項建設外,「大稻埕」和「西門町」也扮演了極為重要的角色,看似不同的商圈成長路徑,卻是西區發展前進不可或缺的能量。 繼續閱讀
  Dadaocheng & Ximending   by Ed Tsai
“Dadaocheng and Ximending”— Both of these areas are located in the West of Taipei City, and are commercial districts close to Tamsui River. Besides the numerous constructions in Taipei Main Station commercial area, Dadaocheng and Ximending are both essential in maintaining the equilibrium of development in both the east and the west of Taipei. 
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Ximen is the most important and international commercial area in the west side of Taipei. During the Japanese colonial period, following the example of Asakusa Area in Tokyo, the Japanese established a leisure business district here. Youngsters are the major consumers in Ximen, a must-see attraction for tourists. A hub of youthful pop culture and a place for the old to reminisce, two distinctive cultures integrate impeccably in Ximen.
Dadaocheng is home to Taiwanese traditional cultures and historical sites, and was formerly a popular commercial zone. Numerous notable temples situate in this area, one being the Xia-Hai City God Temple. Dihua Street, famous for Chinese New Year goods, and the Yong-le Traditional Market known for cloth, make up the scene of Dadaocheng.
崑曲素有「百戲之母」之稱,更於 2001 年由聯合國教科文組織評定為「人類文化遺產」。〈妙常追舟〉截取自《玉簪記》,敘述書生潘必正與妙常兩人互生僧俗禁錮之愛。
Yongfong Productions- “Forbidden Love- The Story of Miaochang”
Kunju is one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera. UNESCO deemed it as one of the Masterpieces of “the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” in 2001. “The Story of Miaochang” is a tragedy from the “Drama of Yu-tsan", which tells the forbidden love between a scholar and a female Taoist priest, Pan Bizheng and Miaochang, respectively.  more
June 14, 2015 17:00
Dadaocheng Theater
月光電影院 (西門)
自 2010 年台北市電影主題公園完工以來,月光電影院已經成為園區主要活動之一,月光電影院與許多國內外電影節合作,於公園室外場地播放主題電影,合作過的單位包括台北電影節、兒童國際影展和台北國際紀錄片影展等。 了解更多
展覽時間:2015年6月3、6、10、13、17、24、27日 19:00
Moonlight Movie Theater
Since the Taipei Cinema Park opened in 2010, Moonlight Movie Theater has been a major attraction within the park. The outdoor cinema has partaken in many international film festivals, including the Taipei Film Festival, the Taipei International Documentary Festival, and the Taiwan International Children’s film festival.  more
June 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 24, and 27, 2015 19:00
Taipei Cinema Park
No. 19, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei
PRIME ONE 資深主廚團隊以乾式熟成方式,讓美國頂級牛肉與喜馬拉雅岩鹽一同料理,再以精選核桃木、龍眼木等不同木材爐火燒烤,讓牛排外層焦香、內層軟嫩多汁。獨特的牛排料理技術、簡約時尚靜謐的空間,為饕客帶來全新的食尚體驗! 了解更多
Prime One Steakhouse’s expert team of chefs prepares top quality US beef with a special dry-age method using Himalayan rock salt. The tenderized beef is expertly grilled over a wood fire of walnut or longan, using precise heat control to achieve the perfection of charred on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. As one relaxes into the subdued elegance of the space, one’s culinary senses will come alive and reach new height.  more
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北歐風格的居家空間最具有療癒人心的作用,以其簡潔質樸的配色,不過於喧嘩的空間表情,以簡練的線條織就設計感的居家氛圍。 全文導讀
Nordic Light
Scandinavian-styled spaces provide healing effects; from simple rustic colors to concise lines, they create an atmosphere of thoughtful design. 
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不是「廢物利用」,不是「資源回收」,而是一種比從無到有的創造還要更具挑戰的藝術創作過程。 全文導讀
Le Bon Sens, Petit h
Not reusing nor recycling: A creative process that takes more thoughtful planning than crafting something from scratch.  full article
  資料來源:INHERITAGE世代典傳雜誌 MARCH 2015
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