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台北後花園   作者/蔡政樺
陽明山區域素有「台北後花園」之美名,居於俯瞰台北市的最高點,豐富的火山及自然資源造就其四季多變的特色風貌。除了春天的花季為嫩綠增添嫣紅,隨著微涼的秋日到來,橫跨北投、士林二區的陽明山也以溫泉文化為城市注入暖意,塑成詩意盎然的漫活人文雅韻。 繼續閱讀
  Taipei’s Secret Garden   by Ed Tsai
The Yangmingshan region has always been praised as the back garden of Taipei. The mountainous area is blessed with an abundance of volcanic and natural resources, overlooking the whole city. As different seasons overtake the hill, Yangmingshan astonishes her visitors with a variety of views from the splendid spring flora to autumn silver grass. The world-famous hot spring culture in this area is also a must-have experience, infusing the city with a sense of serenity. full article
北投區位於臺北市最北端,氛圍寧靜且自然資源豐富。受到日治時期的開發,此處也是臺灣溫泉文化的歷史源頭,蓬勃至今並吸引觀光客來訪。除了區內的北投溫泉博物館、北投圖書館與周圍規劃的公園形成綠意盎然的休憩區,位於淡水河及基隆河交界的關渡自然公園也因濕地生態成為候鳥棲息的賞鳥景點。   Being at the very north of Taipei City, Beitou is a tranquil district full of natural resources. Influenced deeply by Japanese colonial rule, it is the cradle of hot spring culture in Taiwan, attracting tourists from around the world to this day. As the Beitou Hot Spring Museum and Beitou Public Library form a leafy recreation area alongside the waterside Park, the Guandu Nature Park has also become a birdwatching hotspot for its exceptional location at the junction of Tamshui and Keelung Rivers.
信步在坐落於大屯山系旁的北投區,心靈也會被這裡的靜謐氣氛所撫慰。北投溫泉博物館的前身為日據時期之公共浴場,依據日本靜岡縣伊豆山溫泉為設計樣本,紅磚砌成的仿英式外牆結合風呂文化又再添一分風味。館內現全規劃作展覽用途,除可一探北投溫泉發展史外,與周遭北投溫泉親水公園步道的結合也使區域特色更臻完善。 繼續閱讀
  Beitou Hot Spring Museum
Strolling along the streets of Beitou district, one would be easily soothed by the tranquility of the area. Once a thermae during the Japanese colonial period, the building was designed to reproduce the Izusan hot spring in Shizuoka, Japan. Behind the brick walls, the grade 3 historic monument has now transformed into a Hot Spring Museum, inviting visitors to explore the history and culture of Beitou. more
  Beitou Public Library
Named one of the 25 most beautiful public libraries by U.S. website Flavorwire.com, Beitou Public Library is indeed a cultural icon that cannot be missed. Utilizing renewable energy and sustainable design, the library is Taiwan’s first green library, flawlessly blending in with the Beitou Park that surrounds it. Readers may enjoy an eco-friendly, relaxed vibe under natural light, fulfilling the spirit of uniting humanities and nature. more
展覽時間:2015年9月26日 ~ 2016年1月3日
Effusive Vitality : Chuang Che Retrospective Exhibition
This exhibition includes a selection from hundreds of Chuang Che’s artpieces. His brilliant use of colors and calligraphic structures in abstract landscape paintings is sure to reveal a powerful aesthetic interpretation of the world.  more
Sep 26, 2015 ~ Jan 3, 2016
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
活動時間:2015年10月17日 ~ 2015年10月18日
Rock BandOH 2015
Rock BandOH is an exciting combination of Taiwanese traditional banquets and rock music. As of this year, over 40 bands from seven countries are performing at the festival. Goers will not only enjoy the show and the banquet, there is a ‘Brave Stage’ for any music enthusiasts to show their talents as well!  more
Oct 17, 2015 ~ Oct 18, 2015
Venue: Taipei Expo Park
  Marshal Zen Garden
Originally an elite clubhouse, the garden became Marshal Zhang Xue-Liang’s confinement residence during the 1960’s. Today, visitors can get a taste of the marshal’s favorite Chinese delicacies and enjoy the view of the zen garden as they dine. more
山頂餐廳雖以江浙經典老菜為主,烹煮手法卻獨樹一格,老闆對於火侯的掌控技巧更是重視,除了常見的火㸆、煨、燜、糟、煸等,為了做出最佳的口感,更是嚴格把關每道工序,絕不偷懶。此外,山頂的菜單特別以照片搭配易懂的說明及典故,期望年輕人多認識這些經典老菜。 繼續閱讀
  The Peak
The Peak offers meticulously prepared classic Zhejiang cuisine. The owner pays special attention to the control of heat and time, also mastering skills of roasting, simmering, smothering and braising. The Peak invites younger generations to explore the art of traditional cuisines through the restaurant’s thoughtfully designed menu with images and stories. more
澳洲布里斯本 MUSE 住宅
布里斯本,是由昆士蘭州政府與澳洲聯邦政府加持、贊助的全新世界級城市。建商 Stockwell 長期以來至力於 West End 住宅區的繁榮與建設。 MUSE 住宅提供了離塵不離城的悠閒水岸生活。
15:00 ~ 16:30 (14:30開放入場)
Brisbane Muse West End
The evolution of “Brisbane, Australia’s New World City” is fully supported by the Queensland State Government and the Australian Federal Government. The developer, Stockwell, has long been committed to the revival of West End. Stockwell’s project, Muse, is located minutes from Brisbane’s Central Business District. Learn More
Oct 30, 2015 │ 15:00 ~ 16:30 (Doors open at 14:30)
Taiwan Sotheby's International Realty
1F., No. 134, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Rd. Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan
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設計對 OMA 公司來說不是答案,只是對事情的看法與疑問,那如果在過程中激盪出一座成功的建築,那將是最美的副產品。 全文閱讀
  Rem Koolhaas
Design is not a solution but rather an observation or a question, and the greatest result of this process is a thriving building. 
full article
在芬蘭國寶級品牌 Iittala 的玻璃工坊裡,工匠聚精會神、心手合一,這是施展魔法的片刻,也是完美或失敗的關鍵一瞬。 全文閱讀
  The Timeless Magic of Iittala
It takes a group of artisans to make one Alto vase, in a dance-like process just as fantastical as the art piece itself. 
full article
  資料來源:INHERITAGE世代典傳雜誌 JUNE 2015
  藝術與生活   9月號 / 10月號
藝術與生活的結合不斷地進行著,同時,兩者亦互補地天衣無縫。蘇富比拍賣及蘇富比國際房地產攜手發行《藝術與生活》,內容包羅萬象,有世界各地的房地產物件資訊、拍賣物品以及生活風格相關訊息。 雜誌閱讀
  Art & Home   September / October Edition
The integration of art and home has long been in play as the two seamlessly complement each other. Sotheby’s auction and Sotheby’s International Realty have come together to publish Art & Home. The publication features properties from around the world, auction items and lifestyle topics. Read Online
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