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韓國-釜山   作者/陳堯銘
  Busan, Korea  by Andy Chen
Being the world’s 6th largest exporter and the 9th largest importer, Korea officially signed 14 free trade agreements in the first half of 2015 with 52 countries including the United States, the European Union and China, which together make up 73.5% of the world's total GDP. full article
2015 Q4 房產市場概要
2015年12月17日央行宣布第3季以來第二度降息,前次降息後,全球復甦步調仍不如預期,連帶拖累出口表現。 繼續閱讀
2015 Q4 Property Market Overview
Due to lackluster economic growth around the world, Taiwan Central Bank lowered its benchmark discount rate twice last year. full report
  Busan Haeundae District
Being the popular vacation spot it is today, Haeundae actually remained undeveloped until the 70s. The name ‘Haeundae’ literally means ‘Pavilion of seas and clouds’ and is thought to be a tribute to ancient poet Choe Chi-won whose courtesy name was ‘Haeun’. Every summer, the seaside greets its guests with fascinating views and exciting water sports activities. To capture the growing business opportunities, shopping centers and luxury hotels were built along the coastline, further making the area into a favored filming location for both TV shows and movies.
繽紛鮮活的甘川村座落於釜山中西部的山丘上,是到訪釜山的遊客眾所必遊的特色景點。這個在1950年代韓戰時期收容了約4,000名難民的村落,長久以來一直都是韓國國內最貧困的聚落之一。在2009年,當地政府提出了「釜山的馬丘比丘之夢」計畫,出資雇用大量工人及藝術工作者針對甘川村進行再造,使其成為如今飽含文藝氣息的樣貌。這項計畫之成功不僅為甘川贏得了2012年的亞洲都市景觀賞,更以一種獨特而美好的方式,為當地居民的生計帶來了意想不到的轉機。 了解更多
  Gamcheon Culture Village
In the hills of central-west Busan sits Gamcheon, a colorful small village that is one of Busan’s most popular tourist destinations. Accommodating around 4,000 refugees of the Korean War in the 1950s, it had a long history of being home to some of the poorest. In year 2009, the government initiated a ‘Dreaming of Machu Picchu in Busan’ project, hiring workers and artists to rebuild Gamcheon into the artistic neighborhood it is today. Not only did the project win Gamcheon the 2012 UN-HABITAT Asian Townscape award but it also turned the lives of many around with a unique and beautiful approach. more
連結海雲臺區及水營區的廣安大橋長度超過7.4公里,是韓國第二長的橋樑。作為當地的地標,廣安大橋以其多變的燈光照亮釜山的夜晚,鄰近的廣安里海灘也因而成為了欣賞這片浪漫都會夜景的絕佳去處。廣安大橋同時也作為釜山國際煙火節的施放背景,此一盛事每年都吸吸引數以百萬計的觀光人潮到此,一睹釜山風采。 了解更多
  Gwangan Bridge
Extending over 7.4 kilometers, Gwangan Bridge connects Haeundae-gu to Suyeong-gu, and is the second longest bridge in Korea. This landmark illuminates Busan’s night sky with vibrant lightings, creating a romantic urban nightscape that can be savored from the nearby Gwangan Beach. Gwangan Bridge also serves as the backdrop of Busan International Fireworks Festival, attracting millions of visitors from around the world annually. more
若論及普普藝術,安迪・沃荷絕對是人們最首先會想到的名字。這位多才多藝的美國藝術家涉獵之創作範圍極廣,包括繪畫、網版印刷、攝影、電影及音樂各領域皆留有他的足跡。本次作品展是韓國首次以如此盛大的規模呈現安迪・沃荷的創作,其中亦包括許多新發現之作品,實屬一次親臨大師風采的難得機會。 了解更多
Andy Warhol Live
When people speak of pop art, Andy Warhol is undoubtedly the first name that pops up. The versatile American artist is known for his projects in numerous media including painting, screen-printing, photography, film and music. ‘Andy Warhol Live’ is Korea’s largest ever exhibition of Warhol’s talents which will include some recently discovered works.  more
Nov. 25, 2015 ~ Mar. 20, 2016
Busan Museum of Art
釜山國際影展是全球最重要的國際電影節之一。作為目前少數幾個戲院放映以國產影片為主的國家,韓國同時也積極地向世界各地輸出他們的電影文化。此一展覽旨在挑戰不同空間配置對於動態影像的呈現所造成的差異,並探索傳統電影與動態影像藝術之間的界線。 了解更多
Staging Film:
The Relation of Space and Image in Video Art

Busan International Film Festival is one of the world’s most important global film festivals. While Korea is one of the few countries where domestic productions enjoy a dominant share of the market, Korean movies are also being exported to the rest of the world. This exhibition is organized to explore the relationship between traditional video works screened in theater settings and those screened in museum as fine art.  more
Feb. 2, 2016 ~ Apr. 17, 2016
Busan Museum of Art
MUSE West End 繆斯女神住宅
座落於布里斯本河的南岸,West End 是一個近年來炙手可熱的住宅區。由於許多知名學府皆座落於此,開車至市中心又只需數分鐘,West End 因而吸引了來自世界各地的學生和青年白領移居於此,也帶動了特色小店、咖啡廳、餐廳及酒吧的林立。了解更多
Brisbane Muse West End
Sitting on the southern bank of Brisbane river, West End is a highly sought after residential precinct. Located near prestigious universities and only a few minutes’ drive to the central business district, West End has drawn students and young professionals from around the globe, as trendy cafes, ethnic restaurants, breweries and specialty stores emerge in every corner.  more
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建築本身就是一個規劃與建造的藝術。當藝術在建築體內流動並負載高濃度的審美價值,便創作出獨一無二的時代語言。 全文閱讀
  Where Architecture Meets Art
Discover how architecture, as an art form itself, harmonizes and communicates with other creations displayed within it.
full article
每年入冬後,溫泉就成了冬季裡最奢華的享受。在氤氳的溫泉熱氣中,坐擁美不勝收的自然風光,獲得全然的放鬆。 全文閱讀
  Snow Oasis
Seek the ultimate relaxation in these heavenly hot springs and have the natural splendor all to yourself. 
full article
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