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海港城市  作者 / 陳堯銘
在過去的歷史裡,澳洲與歐洲國家一直都有緊密的關聯性,澳洲與近鄰的紐西蘭有著共同的歷史和文化背景,澳紐之間的緊密經濟關係日漸趨穩,兩國之間的經濟開放度也很高,近年來澳洲積極發展亞洲國家的雙向經貿關係。與澳洲雙邊貿易的夥伴當中,亞洲國家和地區就占了過半。 繼續閱讀
  Sydney, The Harbour City
by Andy Chen / translated by Maggie Shen
The history of Australia is deeply connected to that of Europe’s. Sharing a similar cultural background, it also maintains a close relationship with New Zealand, its neighbor and economic partner. In recent years, the country actively developed two-way trading partnerships within the Asia-Pacific region that over half of its trading partners are now Asian countries, with ethnic Chinese population being the most dominant. full article
2016 Q4 房產市場概要
2016 Q4 Property Market Overview
Transaction in the housing market last year was slow. According to the Department of Land Administration of the six major cities, there were only 182,200 building sales and transfers last year, which was a decrease of 16.6% compared to 2015. full report
帕茲角原名’Wooloomooloo Hill’(當地原住民語),坐落於雪梨市中心商業區東部三公里處。這個佔地不大的城郊擁有全澳洲最高密度的裝飾藝術(Art Deco)式建築,它們大多源於1920年代左右在此定居的富有居民們,而如今當中也有為數不少的豪宅被列為國家歷史遺產。帕茲角非常適合觀光遊客落腳,提供由背包客棧到奢華飯店價位不等的住宿。此區最迷人的是它豐富的夜生活以及時髦的咖啡座,對於想要體驗純正雪梨生活的人們,是絕對值得一訪的勝地。
  Potts Point
Once known as Woolloomooloo Hill, Potts Point is located 3 kilometers east of the Sydney central business district. The small suburb boasts the country’s highest concentration of Art Deco style architecture from the 1920s, it was originally the home to wealthy landowners while many of their palatial residences have now been registered on the National Heritage List. For tourists, Potts Point offers a variety of accommodations from budget hostels to luxury hotels, trendy cafes and nightclubs are also the must-visit for an authentic ‘Sydneysider’ experience.
  Bondi Beach
In aboriginal language, ‘Bondi’ means ‘water breaking over rocks’. The name ‘Bondi’ is shared by the beach itself and the surrounding neighborhood. Being one of the most visited destinations in Australia, the turquoise waters of Bondi provides a great place to surf for beginner and intermediate learners. In the commercial area parallel to the beachfront, retail stores, boutique hotels and restaurants with views of the beach cater to all kinds of needs of the holiday-goers.
橫跨雪梨港的雪梨港灣大橋全長共1,149公尺,坐落於著名的雪梨歌劇院附近,與歌劇院形成一幅為人所稱頌的經典雪梨印象。這座港灣大橋拱型的建築風貌,讓它得到了一個「衣架子」的綽號。雪梨港灣大橋於1932年啟用,但是事前的規劃沿革卻可追溯至1815年,歷史相當悠久。連通南岸的雪梨市中心(Central Business District)以及北岸的米爾森角(Milsons Point),無論是車輛、行人或自行車騎士,都可以方便地利用港灣大橋在兩地來回。 了解更多
  Sydney Harbour Bridge
Stretching across the Sydney harbor at a total length of 1,149 meters, Sydney Harbour Bridge is located near the famous Sydney Opera House, forming altogether an iconic impression of the city. Due to its arch-based structure, the bridge is also nicknamed ‘The Coathanger’. The bridge was opened in 1932 while its planning could be traced back to year 1815. It allows not only motor vehicles but also pedestrians and cyclists to easily travel between the central business district and Milsons Point. more
班與傑利的露天電影院巡迴即將來到邦迪海灘,在現場音樂表演與精選電影的陪伴之下,眺望澳洲最知名的海灘,釋放夏日奔騰熱情。活動白天將邀請澳洲當地最優質的表演團體,來觀賞電影的觀眾可以一邊享受美食及消暑凍飲,一邊浸淫聽覺饗宴,輕鬆地等待日落後放映的開始。 了解更多
展覽時間:2017/01/19 – 2017/02/26
Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinemas BONDI
Capture the spirit of summer with Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinema’s annual season of live music and feature films at Bondi – on the lawn of life, overlooking Australia’s most iconic beach. With music by day and movies by night, cinema goers can chill out before their film with some tasty food and frosty beverages while relaxing to sounds from the best of the Australian music scene.  more
Jan. 19, 2017 - Feb. 26, 2017
Opéra des Nations
余司勤 Mark

Skyline Tower
Being Taipei’s rising new landmark, Skyline Tower offers unobstructed views of the glamorous city and exquisite greeneries on the waterfront.
Renai Villa
Located by the tree-shaded Renai Avenue, this rare single family residence in the city center offers a home of understated elegance with great privacy.
  李嘉宏 Russell

蔡吉政 Freeman

Ocean Kingdom
With mountains at its back and water views in the front, the residence is set amidst a rich picturesque atmosphere, impeccably integrating natural views with the interior.

巴黎大自然度假村莊(Villages Nature Paris)為法國旅遊業兩大巨頭歐洲迪士尼(EURO Disney S.C.A.)及PVCP集團(Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs)聯手打造之全新休閒地標,堪稱現階段歐洲最大的旅遊建設開發案。在交通便利的馬恩河谷區,距巴黎迪士尼樂園開車僅五分鐘處,以自然環保為訴求,打造永續型觀光樂園。提供買家安全、穩健、簡單的投資機會。 了解更多
  Villages Nature Paris
Villages Nature Paris is the collaboration between EURO Disney S.C.A and Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs, two leading groups in Europe's tourism and real estate. This brand new holiday destination is said to be the largest tourism developement in Europe at the moment. Conveniently located in the Marne-la-Vallée region, Villages Nature Paris is only a five-minute drive away from Disneyland Paris. The project is committed to a sustainable approach in enhancing the area's natural resources while providing an extraordinary opportunity for buyers looking for safe, stable and hassle-free investments. more
線上雜誌閱讀 full article
  Future Bamboo Cities
Elegant and spectacular, designers responded to our fantasies of future cities by exploring bamboo architecture. full article
  Art de la Table
Enjoy a multilayered feast with the appetizer as exquisite as a classical sonnet, the entrée as breathtaking as a dramatic monologue. full article
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