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馬爾他   作者 / 陳堯銘
國際信評機構標準普爾(Standard & Poor’s)於2016年底調升馬爾他主權信用評等,由BBB+升至A-,評等狀態為穩定,主因馬爾他經濟成長相當強勁。 繼續閱讀
  Malta   by Andy Chen / translated by Maggie Shen
Due to the nation’s strong economic growth, the Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency upped Malta’s rating to A- from its previous BBB+ with a stable outlook. full article
  The City of Valletta
Valletta, the capital of Malta, is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The city was built in early sixteenth century under the name of Jean de Valette, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta. This historical city features a unique collection of churches, palaces and museums, with their architectural style ranging from Baroque, Rococo to Modern. Designated the European Capital of Culture of 2018, various restoration projects are on the way for this fascinating Mediterranean city.
位於瓦萊塔城內的聖約翰大教堂,是出自歷史上首屈一指的建築師基羅拉莫‧凱薩之手。教堂的建築外觀莊嚴而簡樸,門面透過旁邊的兩座大型鐘塔延展開來,符合其建築師高雅的設計風格。反觀教堂的內部,以其雕琢非凡的華麗裝飾聞名世界,堪為巴洛克建築之公認典範。教堂內並藏有義大利名畫家卡拉瓦喬所留下最巨幅的作品《聖約翰之斬首》,引來無數觀光客的讚嘆與注目。 了解更多
  Saint John’s Co-Cathedral
Situated in the city of Valletta, the Saint John’s Co-Cathedral was designed by Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar, whose work can be seen all over the capital city. Typical of its architect’s style, the cathedral’s exterior is rather austere and simple, being bounded by two large bell towers. On the other hand, the extremely ornate interior is considered to be one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture. Also noteworthy is the painting depicting The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, which is the largest canvas ever painted by Italian artist Caravaggio. more
Comino is a small island between the islands of Malta and Gozo, measuring only 3.5 square kilometers in area. Despite the fact of having only 4 permanent residents in present day, the island is frequented by large numbers of tourists and tour boats travelling to the paradise-like Blue Lagoon, a sandy bay by the azure waters rich of marine life. The heavenly destination is, in fact, one of the filming locations of the Hollywood Epic ‘Troy’. For those looking for a tranquil getaway, one resort hotel is available on the island.
馬爾他以其對煙火的熱愛及專業在國際上聞名,今年的慶典活動將分別在三個夜晚中,於戈佐、馬爾薩斯洛克及瓦萊塔等三個地點展開。將伴隨閉幕煙火奏響的音樂,更會是由馬爾他愛樂交響樂團製播的曲目。 了解更多
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Malta International Fireworks Festival 2017
The Maltese are well known for their love and expertise of fireworks. The Festival will be taking place on three nights in three different locations around the Maltese Islands, namely Gozo, Marsaxlokk and Valletta. The music that will be used during the Grand Finale will be produced by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.  more
April 22, April 28, April 30,2017
張國斌 Mike

Ocean Grand Residence
Situated at the forefront of a mangrove ecological bank, the residence embraces the splendid sceneries of Tamsui, a perfect combination of river views and mountain landscapes.
經貿園區-大同璽苑 庭園美邸
Regal Gardens
Located near the Nangang Software Park MRT station, this home boasts a complete set of public facilities, excellent layout and impeccable lighting.
  蔡吉政 Freeman

位於馬爾他首都上城區,這棟十七世紀巴洛克式建築在經過馬爾他當地知名的建築團隊翻修後,重現了它令人讚嘆的風貌。其內部的裝潢在選材及陳列上都經過設計師極致的篩選與調配,使每一個細節能夠與建築的整體美學相互呼應。登上頂樓花園,您將能欣賞到馬爾他大港及鄰近三個城市所勾勒出的迷人景色。本物件可規劃為私人宅邸或企業據點,一樓也可改作辦公室使用。 聯絡我們
  17th Century Palazzo
Embedded in the upper part of the capital city of Malta is this majestic 17th Century Baroque Palazzo. This building was brought back to its former glory after being renovated by one of the most reputable Maltese architects. Furnishings have been selected with the utmost care so each and every piece has been chosen to blend magnificently in every area of this property. From the roof garden one has spectacular unobstructed views of the Grand Harbour and the three cities. This palazzo can be used ideally as a private residence or a business headquarters. Permits are in hand for the ground floor to be turned into an office. Contact us
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在美國華盛頓州外海的奧卡斯島上,碧藍色的湖泊與密林間的幽徑,成為你一心嚮往的度假勝地。 全文閱讀
  Spirited Away
At the northwestern corner of Washington State lies Orcas, the paradise-like island with cyan lakes and tranquil forest trails awaiting your exploration. full article
  Hyper Machines from Circuit
Recently, the big players in the luxury automobile business have introduced bespoke sports cars to their well-heeled clients, enabling them to hit the road with their racing dreams.
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