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作者 / 陳堯銘
西班牙全國行政區劃為17個自治區,首府馬德里,居全國中心點,為政治、經濟及文化中心。依據西班牙國家統計局資料,2016年西班牙整體國內生產毛額(GDP)高達1兆1,138億歐元,其中以服務業為主,占總GDP的7成,實質GDP成長3.2%,主要是受到國內消費、投資及出口成長的推動。 繼續閱讀
  Spain, Madrid
by Andy Chen / translated by Maggie Shen
The Spanish State consists of 17 autonomous communities. Its capital Madrid, situated in the heart of Spain, is also the political, economic and cultural center of the nation. According to the Spanish Statistical Office, Spain's gross domestic product posted a 3.2% growth to 1113.8-billion euro in 2016, with the service industry contributing to around 70% of the total GDP. full article
2017 Q1 房產市場概要
2017年第一季,整體台灣房市在觀望中呈逐漸回溫,以市場的變化情況觀察,可特別注意到影響房市變化最大的主因是房市政策與房地產稅制的改變。 繼續閱讀
2017 Q1 Property Market Overview
For the first quarter of 2017, the overall Taiwan housing market is expected to warm up. Observing market changes, we can see that the biggest reason for housing market change is changes in housing policy and real estate tax.
full report
Situated northeast of the historical center of Madrid, Salamanca is the poshest neighborhood of the city, boasting gourmet restaurants, exclusive boutiques, luxury hotels and upscale residences. The vibrant district also offers a stylish nightlife, gathering local business people and expats for personalized drinks after work. While some of the grand 19-century buildings in the area are turned into foreign embassies, the neighborhood is nonetheless known for being authentic and secure, making it an ideal home for Madrid’s wealthier residents.
普拉多美術館在西文中作「Museo del Prado」,被廣泛地認為是全球最值得一去的美術館之一。這座於1819年建立的美術館原本被國王斐迪南七世命名為皇家博物館,在其所引以為傲的收藏中,為數不少皆是得力於歷代西班牙皇室所搜羅的藝術珍藏累積而來。普拉多美術館另一項引人稱頌之處在於,其館藏系列有以「藝術家」為本體的特質:針對西班牙最重要的一些藝術家如哥雅、維拉斯奎茲、耶羅尼米斯・博斯等,皆有大量及完整的收藏,在每年超過230萬的訪客面前,呈現一幅全面而富有故事性的藝術史拼圖。 了解更多
  Prado National Museum
Prado National Museum, or Museo del Prado, is considered one of the world’s greatest art museums. The museum was established in year 1819 and was originally named by Ferdinand VII as The Royal Museum. Not only did the museum inherit artworks collected by Spain’s 16th and 17th-century monarchs, it is also described as a ‘Museum of Painters’, given that the works of world-famous artists such as Francisco de Goya, Diego Velázquez and Hieronymus Bosch, are extensively represented. The Museum receives over 2.3 million visitors annually. more
  Buen Retiro Park
The name of the Buen Retiro Park means ‘Park of the Pleasant Retreat’, it is one of the largest park in Madrid spanning across 1.4 square kilometers. The park was initially built for the royal family’s recreational use, then underwent several expansion and restoration over six centuries. While the beautiful sculptures and monuments contribute to its magnificent ambience, galleries and outdoor exercising areas welcomes the citizens for tranquil strolls and family activities. The park also serves as a venue for concerts, cultural events and firework shows.
本展覽將探索畢卡索最著名的繪畫作品之一《格爾尼卡》的創作淵源,從1925年以後畢卡索繪畫語言中所呈現的迷亂、狂喜、不安、躁動等硬派藝術元素,解讀《格爾尼卡》誕生前藝術家的心路轉變,乃至於探索性與暴力之間的互動張力。 了解更多
展覽時間:2017/04/05 – 2017/09/04
Pity and Terror : Picasso’s Path to Guernica
The exhibition looks into the roots of Guernica’s imagery, which can be traced back to previous works by Picasso after 1925: frantic, ecstatic action, sometimes wrapped in a halo of danger, and graphic violence. It also explores the connections between violence and sexuality in his work.  more
Apr. 05, 2017 - Sep. 04, 2017
Reina Sofia Museum
西班牙佔有大部份伊比利亞半島,西接葡萄牙,北面係法國同安道爾,南接直布羅陀海峽(Strait of Gibraltar)。東面地中海水域有巴利阿里羣島(Illes Balears),西面大西洋有加拿利羣島(Islas Canarias)。西班牙的大城市除了首都馬德里之外,還有巴塞隆納(Barcelona)、華倫西亞(Valencia)、西維爾/塞維利亞(Sevilla)、馬拉加(Málaga)及畢爾包/畢爾巴鄂(Bilbao)等等。 了解更多
Spain is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea except for a small land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north and northeast by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the west and northwest by Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain's capital and largest city is Madrid. Other major cities of Spain include Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and Malaga. more
張瓊羽 Sylvia

Platinum Mansion
This opulent residence offers unobstructed views of the Changan Elementary School. Featuring a garden, a pool and a clubhouse, residents enjoy easy access to the metro system.
士林觀芷 整棟美廈
Crescent Tower
Facing the verdant views of a spacious park, this building on the Zhongshan North Road is immersed in the tranquil and convenient lifestyle unique to the area.
  吳英才 Bill

520 West 28th Zaha Hadid
札哈・哈蒂在紐約中城西520街28號所呈獻的這一套前衛鉅作,是這位偉大藝術家對現代生活之想像所幻化出的超凡體現。項目所包含的39戶精品豪華公寓各自展現獨特風貌,並帶有札哈・哈蒂標誌性的設計元素。西切爾西區的絕佳地點提供了文化藝術、美食、酒吧、國際購物品牌等多元性能的精彩生活型態,更不斷汲取新的元素,進化成曼哈頓最炙手可熱的國際都會地段。 了解更多
  520 West 28th Zaha Hadid
The collection of residences at 520 West 28th represents Zaha Hadid's vision for modern living. The 39 generous loft-like residences are individually crafted, each with the artist's signature mark woven into the design. Within West Chelsea's radius lies a sprawling mix of culture creators, eateries, bars, international stores. The neighborhood is constantly evolving into a cosmopolitan collection of some of Manhattan's best offerings. more
線上雜誌閱讀 full article
年度總回顧全球建築大事記,不同尺度的大師建築,將寫下時代的意義。 全文閱讀
  Buildings of the Year
Here is our review of the world's most exciting architectural events this year - look through this kaleidoscope of creativity and discover some of the greatest art destined to last. full article
對Loro Piana而言,奢華與追求卓越的精神密不可分,跟著攝影大師的視角,體悟時尚的終極意義全文閱讀
  Road to Faith
For Loro Piana, the creation of luxury is essentially inseparable from the pursuit of excellence. Find the ultimate definition of fashion through the works of photography masters. full article
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