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布里斯本是澳洲的新興國際都市之一,它擁有極具吸引力的商業投資環境,且對澳洲經濟增長的貢獻與日俱增。目前布里斯本經濟總量為1,460億澳幣,預計到 2031年將增長至逾2,170億澳幣,該城市將實現連續二十四年的增長,成為澳洲經濟的主要推手。
  Brisbane, Australia
by Andy Chen / translated by Shelina Hsieh
Brisbane is one of Australia's emerging international cities, with an attractive business and investment environment and an increasing contribution to Australia's economic growth. Currently, the total economic volume of Brisbane is 146 billion Australian dollars, and it is expected to grow over 217 billion Australian dollars by 2031. The city will achieve growth for 24 consecutive years and become the main driver of the Australian economy.
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2018 Q3 房產市場概要
近期受到政府停止打房且陸續釋出政策性利多的影響(調降地價稅、房屋稅,台北市將豪宅稅的路段率從過去的二至四倍調整為固定的1.2倍,並分六年緩漲新的房屋標準單價)。 繼續閱讀
2018 Q3 Property Market Overview
The government recently ceased targeting the housing speculation market and has introduced many beneficial policies (reducing the land tax and housing tax, Taipei City’s adjustment of luxury residential tax rate from 2 to 4 times to a fixed 1.2 times, and also increasing new house standard unit price gradually over six years). full report
Hamilton is Brisbane's long-established traditional wealthy district and the largest waterfront area in Queensland, its prime location and riverside views attract many investors and residents. Adjacent to Brisbane's central business district, Hamilton has evolved into a residential area, and with Queensland's largest urban renewal program, including parks and community spaces, it provides residents and investors with more facilities and infrastructure. Hamilton is not only close to the city center of Brisbane, but is also near the Brisbane International Airport. It is a convenient location for many main traffic routes. The renewal project in this area aims to transform the Hamilton district into the most popular and vibrant multi-purpose residential area in Brisbane.
身為澳洲第三大城,布里斯本擁有許多城市面貌,不單僅有摩天大樓和快節奏的都會氛圍,更是愜意的河岸城市,在市中心便能享受到沙灘、陽光、河岸景色、野餐、渡輪等休閒活動,讓它成為了最宜居城市之一。南岸公園原為「1988年世界博覽會」場地,且在當時差點修建成住宅區,後因居民的爭取而被保留下來,成為現在人們喜愛的市內休閒區。南岸公園內最著名的便是人工海灘及花藤人行道,是許多家庭假日歡聚的地點。此區內更有摩天輪、河岸景觀、表演藝術中心及海事博物館等,也因如此,許多活動都會選擇在此舉辦,讓民眾能一次享有多種娛樂。 了解更多
  South Bank Parklands
As the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane is not just full of skyscrapers and fast pace like many cities, and instead, it is a pleasant riverside city. In the city center, you can enjoy leisure activities such as beach, sunshine, riverside view, picnics, ferries and so on, making Brisbane one of the most liveable cities. The South Bank Parklands was originally the site of the "World Expo 1988", and was planned to be built into a residential area. It was later retained by the residents and became their favorite leisure area in the city. The most famous facility in the South Bank Parklands is the artificial beach and the flower walking track, which are places where many families like to gather during holidays. There are also Ferris wheel, riverside scenery, performing arts center and maritime museum in this area. Therefore, many activities are held here, so that people can enjoy a variety of entertainment all at once. more
創立於1927年,龍柏動物園是世界上最古老也最大的無尾熊保護區,擁有超過80年的經驗以及超過130隻無尾熊。參觀的遊客雖可付費抱無尾熊,但為了保護牠們,動物園也有嚴苛的規定,因此遊客與無尾熊互動的時間是有限的。龍柏動物園不只擁有無尾熊,其他野生動物包括袋鼠、袋獾、袋熊、針鼴、鴨嘴獸等,遊客也可選擇餵食及與袋鼠互動,或參與園區內與野生動物相關的活動。龍柏動物園致力為動物們提供最舒適的環境,不僅園區內規定嚴謹,動物們的生活環境都是經過細心規劃,讓牠們還是能保有自由的生活。 了解更多
  Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Founded in 1927, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the oldest and largest koala protected area in the world, with more than 80 years of experience and more than 130 koalas. Visitors can pay to hold the koalas, but to protect them, the sanctuary also has strict regulations, so the time for visitors to interact with each koala is limited. The Long Pine Koala Sanctuary has more animals than just koalas. Other wildlife include kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, and platypus. Visitors can also feed and pet the free-roaming kangaroos in the large kangaroo reserve or participate in wildlife-related activities in the park. The Sanctuary is committed to providing the most comfortable environment for animals. Not only is the park's regulations rigorous, but the animals' living environment is carefully planned so that they can still live a free life. more
創辦於 2007 年,亞太電影大獎由布里斯本市政府、聯合國教科文組織以及國際電影製片人協會共同舉辦的亞太電影盛會,讓所有真實展現自己文化淵源的電影作品能被世界看見。亞太電影大獎也設有亞太電影傑出成就獎,以表彰為電影發展做出極大貢獻者。 了解更多
時間:2018/11/29 (四)
12th Asia Pacific Screen Awards
Founded in 2007, the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, co-organized by the Brisbane City Council, UNESCO, and the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, allowing all films that truly showcase their cultural heritage to be seen by the world. The Asia Pacific Screen Awards also features the Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of the significant contributions to film industry developments. more
Time: November 29, 2018 (Thu.)
Place: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center
王冠瓔 Julia
Rainbow Tower
Constructed with SRC structure and VEM damper, Rainbow Tower owns sufficient lighting and enjoys a distant view of YangMingShan.
108 Dignity Villa
108 Dignity Villa owns much greenery, sufficient lighting, and a well-proportioned layout. It is situated on Yangmingshan facing south.
楊光明 Dean
徐麗文 Katherine
Polaris Gardens
With 1,708 ping of land, the building is a skyscraper with 27 floors, and contains of over 50% of greenland and a variety of amenities.
Sutherland Residence
昆士蘭布里斯本的漢密爾頓(The Hamilton)為歷史悠久的傳統富人區,座落於該區的精緻公寓《Sutherland Residence》享有悠閒愜意的水岸生活,規劃有2房及3房格局,靜謐且安全的居住環境,是子女留學或退休養老的海外投資理想選擇。聯絡我們
  Sutherland Residence
The Hamilton in Brisbane, Queensland is a traditional wealthy area. The exquisite apartment "Sutherland Residence" in the area enjoys a leisurely waterfront lifestyle. It is planned with two-bedroom and three-bedroom layouts and provides a safe living environment, making it an ideal overseas investment choice for children who are studying abroad or one's own retirement. Contact us
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養生村經過頂尖建築大師改造,讓住宅不再只是一棟住宅,令退休的銀髮族不須愁日暮,揭開下一段遠行的生活起點。 全文閱讀
  Seniors Village
The health village has been transformed by top architects, so that the residence is no longer just a building, and that the retired seniors can enjoy the next chapter of life. full article
隨著各國制定越來越嚴苛的環保法規,車廠紛紛傾力開發節能與性能兼具的車輛,滿足消費者對速度操控的追求性。 全文閱讀
As countries develop more stringent environmental regulations, car manufacturers are working hard on developing vehicles that combine energy efficiency and performance to meet consumers' pursuit of speed. full article
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