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坎城   作者 / 陳堯銘
坎城佔據了得天獨厚的地理位置,數十年來,其旅遊業形成了鮮明的國際化特色。坎城距離尼斯機場25分鐘車程,是一座藝術節與大型會議城市,也是擁有卓越基礎接待設施的海水浴療養地。 繼續閱讀
  Cannes   by Andy Chen / Translated by Shelina Hsieh
Cannes occupies a unique geographical position, and for the past decades, the tourism industry in Cannes has developed a distinctive international character. With only 25-minute drive away from the Nice Airport, Cannes is an art festival and a large conference city, and meanwhile, it is also an outstanding thalassotherapy location with excellent basic reception facilities. full article
位於南法蔚藍海岸的坎城最初由農漁村發跡,除了以渡假享譽國際的蔚藍海岸外,該地最知名的便是最具指標性的國際影展「坎城影展」。坎城內的舊城區名為蘇給區( Le Suquet ),因鄰近港口而為坎城原始的漁民住宅區,只需步行五分鐘就能抵達海灘。蘇給區的鵝軟石街道至少有四百年歷史,吸引造訪的旅客漫步在那蜿蜒的巷弄,體驗當地居民的日常、並可在街道兩側的餐廳品嘗在地的料理。
  Le Suquet  
Located by the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) in the South of France, Cannes started as an agricultural and fishing village. In addition to the internationally renowned Côte d'Azur, Cannes' most remarkable representative is the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most important indicators in international film festivals. The old town in Cannes is called Le Suquet. It is the original fisherman's residence in Cannes due to its proximity to the port, and it takes only five minutes to reach the beach. The pebble stone street in Le Suquet has a history of at least 400 years. Its charm attracts visitors to stroll around the winding lanes, experiencing the daily life of local residents, and enjoying local restaurants on both sides of the streets.
於1982年開幕,坎城節慶宮即是每年舉辦享負盛名的「坎城影展」以及「坎城國際創意節」的地點。原坎城節慶宮現為萬豪迦納渡假飯店,在1949年時為了舉辦影展而建造,而後,坎城政府為了應對電影節日益成功和商業會議的需求,便於1979年決定設立現在的坎城節慶宮,並於1999年時擴建。每年五月因「坎城影展」的舉辦而吸引許多人到訪,即使非影展期間,坎城節慶宮也因高科技設備及寬敞的展場面積而常有各類會議在此進行。 了解更多
  Palace of Festivals and Conferences
Opened in 1982, the Palace of Festivals and Conferences is the venue for the prestigious "Cannes Film Festival" and the "Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity". The original Palace of Festivals and Conferences is today's JW Marriott Hotel, built in 1949 to hold the Cannes Film Festival, and the Cannes government decided to establish the current palace in 1979 in response to the growing success of the film festival and the needs for business meetings, and it expanded in 1999. Every May, many people visit Cannes and the palace because of the "Cannes Film Festival". However, the palace is often equipped with various types of meetings even during offseasons due to the availability of high-tech equipment and a large exhibition area. more
Plage Macé 海灘
蔚藍海岸以其動人的風景聞名全球,而坎城是夢幻海岸上的城市之一。 Plage Macé 是坎城兩個由市政府管理的海灘之一。因其為政府管理,因此相較其他海灘以較實惠的價格出租沙灘椅、遮陽傘和置物櫃,且分為兩個時段出租,讓熱愛沙灘及水上活動的民眾能更無負擔的在擁有優質管理的海灘盡情享受、沐日光浴。在坎城影展期間,海灘上將會設置一個巨大的投影幕,放映精選的經典電影,而此節目即影展的 「露天電影院」。 了解更多
  Plage Macé
Cannes is located by the outstanding Côte d'Azur, which is known for its alluring scenery. Plage Macé is one of the two beaches in Cannes that is managed by the city. The day at the beach is divided into two time-slots, and since Plage Macé is governed by the city, the beach rents out beach chairs, umbrellas, and lockers at a reduced rate, offering beach lovers to enjoy the sand, water, and sunbathe without burden. During the Cannes Film Festival, a giant screen will be set up on the beach screening selected films, usually classic, for the festival's "Cinema de Plage”. more
坎城購物節為致力於時尚和生活藝術的週末節慶,吸引著各類購物愛好者。坎城雖非大城市,但論及購物卻競爭力十足。方圓三公里的步行距離內,高級時裝、珠寶、精品、茶館及室內設計商店等應有盡有,一次滿足購物狂熱者的需求。 了解更多
時間:2019年1月11日 - 13日
Sales and the City
"Sales and the City" is a festive weekend for shopping lovers and it is devoted to fashion and art of living. Though Cannes is a rather small place compared to other big cities, it is still competitive when speaking of shopping. Within 3 km walking distance, you may find all the haute couture, deluxe clothing, jewelry, fashion boutiques, tea salons, and interior design shops, a true destination for shopaholics. more
Time: January 11 - 13, 2019
Place: La Croisette, Cannes
劉恆碩 Jason
The Cullinan
Planned and designed by an international team, the building has 28 floors and a grand courtyard. The listing is adjacent to schools, parks, and much greenery.
彭子健 Ken
The Honeycomb House
A mansion that has won numerous design awards with its honeycomb-like exterior, facilities include a banquet room, a theater, and a rooftop garden.
張國斌 Mike
Platinun Mansion
With roomy interior area, the building has only 2 units per floor and each unit enjoys a great view. The building consists of a garden pool and an independent clubhouse.
穆然之心 - 高端尊養公寓
「穆然之心 - 高端尊養公寓」由法國知名地產開發商 Altarea Cogedim 打造。位於法國蔚藍海岸著名旅遊城市坎城的富人區—穆然( Mougins ),距離坎城僅7公里,可俯瞰坎城海灣,全年氣候舒適宜人,有著法國最美小鎮之一的美譽。公寓配有一流的配套設施和服務,滿足高端尊養和渡假的雙重需求,游泳池、健身房、室內花園等設施一應俱全,以優雅、精緻、和諧為設計理念,提供全方面的高品質服務。 聯絡我們
Cogedim Club Residences Seniors
"Cogedim Club Residences Seniors" is developed by Altarea Cogedim, a renowned French real estate developer. Located in the affluent area of Cannes, the famous tourist city of France's Cote d'Azur, Mougins is just 7 km from Cannes and overlooks the Cannes Bay. The year-round climate of the area is comfortable and pleasant, and it is known as one of the most beautiful towns in France. The apartments of the project are equipped with first-class facilities and services to meet the dual needs of high-end dedication and vacation. The swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor garden, and other facilities are all equipped with elegant, refined, and harmonious design concepts to provide high-quality services in all domains. Contact us
線上雜誌閱讀 full article
取材自藝術家女梵谷妮基桑法勒( Niki de Saint Phalle )的創作,以精緻工藝詮釋針織之美。 全文閱讀
  Niki de Saint Phalle
Inspired by the creation of artist Niki de Saint Phalle, the knitwear pieces are exquisitely crafted interpretations of the beauty of knitting. full article
正對著南非開普敦最知名的渡假沙灘, Clifton Beach 雙層私人住宅,讓空間回歸質樸、真實與簡單。 全文閱讀
  Clifton Beach
Fronting the most famous beach in Cape Town, South Africa, the Clifton Beach’s double-decker private home turns the space back to simplicity, authenticity, and modesty. full article
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